Dates: June 12th – July 27th

Theme: Bingo

Objective: Increase the reading of guests and children at Explorium. Summer reading programs combat summer learning loss, enhance reading skills, and ignite a passion for reading!. Books take kids into different parts of the world and themselves.

How to participate: Sign up using this form & pick up your yellow bingo card during your next visit. Every time you visit this summer, you can read while at Explorium and a staff member will stamp your bingo square.

Bingo Card: 

  • The card has 25 spots with different reading activities based on time spent reading, making new conections or reading in different spaces of the museum.

Ways to win bingo:

  • Blackout(25 spots stamped)= End of Summer Movie Night
  • X Marks the Spot(9 spots stamped)= Panda Kid’s Meal Voucher
  • 5 in a Row(5 spots stamped)= Bookmark Craft Kit

Rules for participation:

  • Parents must register kiddos in order to receive a bingo card(1 card per child).
  • Explorium Staff will record each book the child reads before giving a stamp.
  • Kiddos are ONLY allowed to receive up to 2 stamps per visit.
  • Only Explorium Denton books are eligible for bingo spots(with the exception of the “bring your own book” spot).
  • If your child wants to read a specific book or genre they may ask an Explorium staff member to help with our library.
  • If it’s a time reading spot, kids must use Explorium timers or parent’s phones.

Is it possible to win?:

  • 5 days of coming to Explorium guarantees a 5 in a Row.
  • 9 days of coming to Explorium guarantees a X marks the Spot.
  • 25 days of coming to Explorium guarantees a Blackout.
  • There are 40 days to complete the bingo card but the date can be changed based on approval.

Winning Prizes:

  • End of summer movie night(Black Out)
  • Free kid’s meal from Panda Express(X marks the spot)
  • Make your own bookmark craft kit(5 in a row)