$99.00 for 5 people in household
+ $10 for each additional family member

Purchase Now

How to Purchase Membership

  1. Click on the purple ‘Purchase Now’ button on this page.
  2. Enter contact info as requested.
  3. For ‘Family members names to appear on membership’ – the number of names must match the number you’ve indicated on your “Amount”  below. Please include persons in your household only or persons in your immediate care such as a nanny or a live-in grandparent.
  4. When you get to the section labeled ‘Amount’ choose which membership level you’d like. If you have more than 5 persons in your household, use the $10 additional line and indicate the number of additional persons you’d like to include on your membership. You may also choose to add 3% to your membership to cover our payment processing fees.
  5. Click on ‘enter payment information’ and proceed to the next screen.
  6. Enter payment information.

Purchase a Gift

If you are purchasing this membership as s gift, follow the same directions as above. You will need to use the name and contact information of the persons for whom you are purchasing. If this gift is meant as a surprise, use your own contact information but provide the names of the family members. Follow up your purchase with a message to subject line “Gift Membership” and we will be happy to provide a gift certificate for your recipient.