Children spend about 80% of their waking hours outside of school each year. Explorium provides opportunities for high-quality learning experiences for children during their out of school time. These experiences help children be successful in school and in life, by developing critical skills before they need them in school and also by giving them realistic opportunities to apply what they are learning in school.
The “PTA Perk” is an opportunity for Denton County schools to partner with Explorium Denton. We offer a once a school year  2- hr PTA members play session at no cost to the school or PTA.  This event offers an opportunity for schools, parents and staff to grow their community in a safe place to engage and create together outside of the school walls.
You can book a play session on a Saturday from 1-3 P.M. or 3-5 P.M.  You can bring treats and water to share with your members. We can set up a 6-ft table for you to place your treats or PTA information. Explorium will give your group colored wrist bands to wear during your event. A member of your PTA board must be preset during the entire event to help verify PTA school membership.
Email with the subject title “PTA Perk Request” to book your play session.