We offer camps during the times that Denton ISD is closed for session

Camp Dates:

3/13/23-3/17/22 9-12 P.M.       Spring Break Week

Mon-Friday Startting June 5th to August 4th. Summer Camps

11/20/23-11/22/23 9-12 P.M.   Thanksgiving Week

12/27/23-12/29/23 9-12 P.M.   Christmas Week

1/2/23-1/5/23 9-12 P.M.   New Years Week

Come enjoy early access to the museum during a time that is set up to have less noise, less lighting, and adpative activies. Thank you our monthly sponsors, this event is free for the whole family!

Explorium Denton is having Homeschool Enrichment Days starting September 7th, 2023.

Families who sign up will be able to drop off their learners at Explorium from 10am-2 pm on Fridays.

Learners will engage in free play and exploration, Make & Think STEAM activities, special offerings based on their interests, and collective decision making processes.

Dates: June 12th – July 27th

Theme: Bingo

Objective: Increase the reading of guests and children at Explorium. Summer reading programs combat summer learning loss, enhance reading skills, and ignite a passion for reading!. Books take kids into different parts of the world and themselves.

How to participate: Sign up using our online form & pick up your bingo card during your next visit. Every time you visit this summer, you can read while at Explorium and a staff member will stamp your bingo square.