Field Trips Pricing Guide

We are excited to invite public schools, pre-schools and home school groups of at least 10 students to schedule field trip experiences at Explorium! Pre-K through 5th grade: 1 teacher/chaperone required per 7 students. The Science Lab Experience is an additional experience that is led by a museum educator for an additional dollar per student. The details of the science lab experiences and our availability calendar are both shown below.

Explore the Museum Field Trip

$4per Student
  • Required Teachers and Chaperones: FREE
  • Extra Chaperons are $5

Explore the Museum + Science Lab Experience

$5per Student
  • Required Teachers and Chaperones: FREE
  • Extra Chaperons are $5

School group rates apply to groups with at least 10 students (pre-K to college). Special needs groups are not required to have 10 students. Pre-K through 8th grade: One adult chaperone, 21 years or older, is required for every seven (7) students. 9th through 12th grade: One adult chaperone, 21 years or older, is required for every twelve  (12) students. Instructors accompanying college students will pay the student rate.

*Member status is not valid for field trip entry.  

*50% or at least $50 or of the Field trip fee needs to be paid to be placed on the Field Trip calendar.

*Payment is fully refundable if canceled 14 days before the scheduled field trip. See full policy in the Guidelines page below.

For more information please call 940.320.5444 or email

Field Trips: Science Lab Experiences

Science Lab Experience

Activity Description

Observations and the 5 Senses Grades Pre-K-2
Students observe various objects and discuss their characteristics, including wiggle bots that are sure to delight children’s senses! Children also have the chance to reach in and make predictions about objects in four mystery boxes
Sink or Float? Grades Pre-K-3
Given a set of materials, students investigate which materials sink or float in water. They collaborate in groups and identify characteristics of objects that allow them to float.
Space Rocks Grades 3-5th grade
What kind of rocks are found in space? Students will build a comet and compare it with other objects in space such as asteroids and meteors.
Flying Machines Grades 2-5th grade
What makes something fly? Students will build their own flying machine out of found materials. Then they will observe what features help it fly.
Robots Grades 2-5th grade
Explore various types of robots, or create your own!

Availability Calendar

Below is our availability calendar. A “busy” means a field trip has already been booked. If it is blank, it means the time slot is still available. We reserve Tuesdays for groups with at least 20 students or Special needs groups upon request. Groups smaller than 20 may book on regular open days (Wednesday-Friday). A small group of less than 20 (other than special needs)may book on a Tuesday for a minimum $80 fee.