Spring 2024 Dates

Explorium Denton’s Homeschool Enrichment Days  program is design to be a loose structure based on learner interest. On the enrollment form please let us know what your learner wants to learn about. Families who sign up are able to drop off their learners at Explorium from 10am-2pm on Wednesdays or Fridays.  The lesson on each day will be the same so please only sign up for either Wednesday or Friday. Learners will engage in free play and exploration, Make & Think STEAM activities, special offerings based on their interests, and collective decision making processes.  Learners must be 5 to 11  years of age and fully potty trained. Please send a lunch, snack, and water bottle. Group size max: 14 learners
Members use the promo code shared with you to the email you used during membership registration to receive up to $20 off monthly registration. If you qualify for free food program please email info@exploriumdenton.org. Use this link to see eligibility: Food Program Income Eligibility Guidelines
Below is a sample recap of what learners get to do each homeschool day. At the end of each session, a recap is provided to parents to find out what the learners were up to and can ask the kiddos what they learned.