On Saturday, June 6, the Explorium team participated in the 3rd annual Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center‘s National Trails Day program.

The day started at 8:30 with the Crazy Coyote trail run, with about 100 runners completing their choice of one or two loops on a 5.4K path. One of our board members finished 2nd!

The program continued until 1pm with a raptor show (birds of prey), archery lessons, geocaching, and a live butterfly program presented by Explorium Denton.

We taught about 50 people about the life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly before we released a few back into nature. Participants also learned about chromatography by making butterflies out of coffee filters.IMG_2088-300x225

For a brief recap of the day’s activities check out this clip from DTV:

It was hot and muggy and we are covered in chigger bites, but so happy to have been part of this event! A big thanks to our volunteers and supporters. We can’t build this museum alone. Donate now or email if you’re interested in volunteering.