We are pleased to announce the design for our museum!

Here’s a play-by-play from our founder and director, Anyah Martinez:

Walking into the museum, visitors will be greeted in our foyer by a friendly face, an admission desk, some healthy vending choices, and a small area to enjoy snacks and drinks. (You are welcome to pack your lunch so you can stay all day, but please enjoy your food in this area).

The ‘blue’ area on the left is our “Think and Make” area. We anticipate this area being a flex space, and perhaps something new every time you visit! You’ll see a place to design, create, and test paper airplanes, places to paint and draw, and dedicated design space with all sorts of tools for subject matter such as carpentry, sewing, and engineering. In this area, your child will never be bored.

As you shift your attention to the ‘purple’ space you’ll notice music! This area is called “How Things Work” and includes elements of nature, physics, biology, music, and literacy. A translucent tent will lend itself to an understanding of color and light, a magnetic wall with loose parts will prepare children for physic class, a campfire will invite songwriting and storytelling, and the musical forest will beg children to strum/pluck/hit/chime and make sounds with all sorts of instruments. The gear constellation will draw the eye down, but will encourage children to reach for the stars.

In the “Active Body” area, children will clamor toward the ‘Chicken Coop’ climber! Under the structure children will mosey through a chicken-noodle-forest, explore the urban chicken movement using their senses, and learn about agriculture by counting, grabbing, and sliding all around. This is sure to be a popular exhibit.

Nearby, in the “Toddler” area, you will notice a talking milking cow! Yes, you can milk a cow at Explorium! Our littlest visitors will enjoy gathering vegetables from the garden, reading about farming, and crawling/climbing around in the soft-surface area just for tiny people. And if your big kids run off in another direction, parents needn’t worry: there is seating all around this area to keep an eye on all your children.

Finally, our “Collaborative Building” area will greet visitors with our most popular exhibit: The ‘Big Blue Blocks’ from Imagination Playground! We anticipate high levels of parent-child interaction, as well as children of all ages working together to build something incredible!

Wait- is that a private nursing room? It sure is! Do you or your infant need peace and quite for a good nursing session? This room is just for you! There’s plenty of room for your older children too, or you can have peace of mind as you observe from the one-way mirror in this aquarium-like room. (Please note: you are welcome to nurse your baby ANYWHERE at Explorium!)

Don’t want to get hands-on with your children? No problem! Have a seat in one of many seating areas and enjoy watching your children play together. But I bet you’ll jump in and join them at some point!

Be sure to check out the classroom/party room, too! We anticipate many birthdays being celebrated at Explorium Denton Children’s Museum, as well as lots of classes and special programs such as coding and robotics.

There’s something for everyone at Explorium! We are almost ready to open and provide a place where you and your family can learn and play together!

[Not picture: a second classroom area that will serve as office space and storage; two full-size ADA restrooms – both equipped with changing tables; a utility room for janitorial supplies; a small storage closet].