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Explorium Denton Traveling Programs are standards-based and designed to help students learn at their own pace and ability level. Our Traveling Programs are customized to meet our client’s needs and to exceed your expectations for quality hands on learning. Please call us to discuss this opportunity at 940-595-4001 or email us at info@exploriumdenton.org.


Interested in reserving a Traveling Program? Be sure to book early as programs and dates can fill up quickly. You may:

  • Call us at 940-595-4001
  • Complete scheduling request form below
Scheduling Request Form


  • $100 for first presentation. Successive presentations will be $25 for each additional repetition of a presentation on a single day.
  • One week notice is required for both reschedule and cancellation requests. If you fail to provide us with two weeks notice, you will be billed the full amount.
  • In the case of inclement weather we will reschedule your program at a mutually agreed upon date.

Please note:  Scheduling more than one presentation of a program per day increases cost effectiveness. Successive presentations of the same program should stay in the same room, and allow 15 minutes between each program for museum teacher preparation and setup.

Group Size: In-School programs accommodate up to 25 participants. To maintain our current program fees and ensure that all students receive a quality experience, the museum must limit group size to 25 students. Exceptions will not be permitted.

Program Options are listed below.

Traveling Programs

Explorium Denton now offers Traveling Programs for child care centers, schools, libraries and more. Some of our programs are shown below. Contact us for more information: info@exploriumdenton.org or call 940-595-4001.

Observations and the 5 Senses

Grades Pre-K-2
Students observe various objects and discuss their characteristics, including wiggle bots that are sure to delight children’s senses! Children also have the chance to reach in and make predictions about objects in four mystery boxes.

The Stuff of Earth

Grades Pre-K-3
Students use their 5 senses and tools to investigate the properties and uses of soil, rocks and sand. They will discuss which materials are best used for building materials and for plant growth.

Sink or Float?

Grades Pre-K-3
Given a set of materials, students investigate which materials sink or float in water. They collaborate in groups and identify characteristics of objects that allow them to float.

Dig In!

Grades Pre-K-5
Wouldn’t everyone like to find a dinosaur bone? Students participate in an archaeological style dig and identify the types of objects they find.

SubstandardFullSizeRenderBody System Explorations*

Grades Pre-K-8
Students have the opportunity to play a life-size operation-style game. Younger children can also play at a water table filled with “blood cells” and older children can build a model demonstrating the function of a human lung.

Imagination Playground!**

Grades K-8
Life-size tinkering and design with large foam blocks of various shapes and sizes. From rocketships and robots to waterfalls and fanciful creatures, students can create their own world of places and scenarios to stretch their imagination.

Space Rocks!

Grades 3-8
What kind of rocks are found in space? Students will build a comet and compare it with other objects in space such as asteroids and meteors.

Lego Plate Tectonics

Grades 3-8
What happens when the earth shakes? Students will perform investigations using Legos to simulate what is happening on the earth’s surface during an earthquake.

Terrific Tinkering!

Grades 3-8
Enjoy creating, inventing and exploring? Students can design and create using wood, metal and tools, as well as explore what’s inside electronics during this hands-on program.

Bring on the Bubbles!

Grades K-8
Students will have a blast using different objects to create various sized bubbles and learn about the science behind these floating wonders.

*These programs will have an additional $25 transportation fee.

**Imagination Playground will be a $200 fee due to transportation needs.