1. What is the dress code for volunteers?
  • All volunteers are required to wear a blue or black apron to help guests differentiate between staff.
  •  Family-appropriate tops with jeans, khaki, or any other colored pants.
  • Long pants must have no rips or holes 
  • Closed-toed shoes are required


  1. Is there a phone policy for volunteers?  Please do not use your personal devices while volunteering. They must be turned on silence. If you must utilize your phone for emergencies, step outside. Exceptions only for taking photos during your service for Explorium, memories, or organization requirements.


  1. What would I be doing as a volunteer? Volunteer duties vary depending on sign-up dates, skills, or interests. They can be found in the General Volunteer section.


  1. What if I am unable to volunteer on a scheduled day? If you are unable to attend for the day and time you signed up for by illness or for any other cause, please notify the museum or Volunteer Coordinator immediately in order that the necessary schedule adjustments can be made.


  1. What if I don’t want to continue volunteering? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator so they may help with the exit process.


  1. Can I bring a friend while volunteering? Friends are allowed to come in only if they plan on volunteering. They must complete the volunteer application and orientation in person. 


  1. What training are volunteers required to complete? Orientation consists of a tour of the museum, a brief introduction to our history and mission, an explanation of volunteer commitment and benefits, and training on specific duties.


  1. Can volunteers be dismissed from service? Explorium reserves the right to suspend volunteer activities if volunteers present an issue to our mission, rules, or the safety of guests and staff.


  1. If I am a parent wishing to sign my child up for volunteering is there anything special I need to do? Review the youth volunteering requirements and email the Volunteer Coordinator for any additional questions.