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?Dinosaur found IN DENTON?

95 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the area now known as the DFW Metroplex. However, this era has always been a puzzle for paleontologists. With such few fossils found and the area now being dominated by asphalt and concrete, our scientific understanding is limited. The few finds that have been dug up have all been limited to an area immediately surrounding the DFW International Airport. That is, until now!

For the first time ever, a dinosaur has been found in Denton, Texas and by one of our very own: Dino Bo. Join us for an eye-opening night, as Dino Bo presents what kind of dinosaur was found, what the environment it lived in was like, and what other creatures roamed around what are now neighborhoods and city streets. With museums lining up to acquire these bones, this will likely be the only chance for the public to see this collection of fossils. In typical Dino Bo fashion, you will get to see them up close and even touch a few of the fossils. Please join us at Explorium on July 31st for an educational evening of REAL Texas dinosaur bones, raffles, Dinosaur themed activities and fun?

? 3-5 PM: We will have our Family Fun Dino Reveal; this will feature dino-related activities, raffles, and games! Now sold out!

? 5:30-7:30 PM: We will have the 2nd time slot of our Family Fun Dino Reveal. This event will also feature dino-related activities, raffles, and games!

Grab your tickets now! We have already sold out of our 3-5 time slot, and we’re expecting these to go pretty quickly. A first-look at a dinosaur found in North Texas is likely a once in a lifetime experience for most!

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