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Join us on July 25th-29th from 12:30 pm – 3:30pm for our Pokemon Camp.

The Pokémon world has many avenues of fun.
Casual players simply love Pokémon; the games, the story, the Pokémon themselves! Many have really cool collections and maybe enjoy  the occasional Pokémon battle.
Collectors are people who simply collect Pokémon to complete sets, look for older more valuable cards, and traditionally know what they are doing when trading, and know the value of cards, and what aspects effect those values.
Pokémon trading card game Players, are in Pokémon simply to make the best deck as possible, and give themselves a chance to have the highest percentage win rate against all different types of decks! Huge tournaments are held locally every year for these battles.
In this week long camp, students will decide what skill in the Pokemon World they want to focus on. They can work on becoming more prepared for the trades, battles, and the obstacles ahead in their Pokémon journey! We will also spend time doing other Pokemon related activities.
Three $50 prizes (hint: It’s a Pokémon Card!!) for the best battler, best collector, and best casual player that loves Pokémon and brings good energy towards it everyday!


This camp is for children 8 years and older

Please bring a water bottle and a snack. We will host our camp in our make and think area to allow for social distancing instead of our usual classroom setup.

For more information: email info@exploriumdenton.org

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