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Donate Goods

Donating your extra crafting materials, toys, games, or other goods are a perfect way to get involved. Clean out your garage and share the wealth!

We’ve had extremely generous donations of such goods and welcome more. We are interested in anything that you might have to donate that cultivates a child’s imagination and encourages families to explore together.

If you have a donation or an inquiry regarding your goods, please contact


Come be a part of our volunteer team by helping at an event booth, help us prepare for an event, or offer your skill set to the cause.

To volunteer your time is an honor that we don’t take lightly. Please contact

Become a Sponsor

Your generosity goes a long way to help give the families of our community a place to learn, explore, and grow closer as a family.

You can become a sponsor today by contacting







Sponsor Testimonials

“Explorium Denton is just what we need for our community. We believe in investing in the future and we couldn’t have found a more deserving organization.”
President, Mr. Koons, KoonsFuller
“We support Explorium Denton because we believe that kids should have opportunities to explore the world around them and learn by hands-on experiences. We’re excited to be part of an organization that is investing in our next generation.”
Molly Chance, Realtor, Texas Home Life
“Peterbilt Motors Company proudly supports Explorium Denton in their efforts to inspire, motivate and develop our next generation of leaders.”